What To Do When The IRS Fails You

Hey Folks

Have you ever noticed just how often the IRS e-services are down? Well, it seems like it happens more often than is safe for someone rushing to meet a deadline for filing 1099 forms.

But what can you do? You have to have your 1099s match with the IRS database so it would seem like you’re out of luck.

Not so! At FEINSearch and REALSearch, we have the most extensive private database of TIN records in the nation, giving you accurate results on your TIN checks regardless of whether or not the IRS e-services are up or not.

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Having a REALSearch subscription is an indispensable tool for anyone who deals with independent contractors or vendors. Background checks, TIN verification, plus making all your KYC requirements a breeze to pass.

Don’t get caught in a rush of fear and stress on Jan 31st this year. Get a subscription and finish all your 1099 filings early this year!