Wait… I Didn’t Know That!

Hey Folks

You know the worst thing that can happen after you hire someone?

It’s when you realize that they have a criminal background AFTER they have taken advantage of you and you’re left looking at your boss, explaining how you didn’t know about this alternative life when you vetted them.

Let me give you a recent example that blew me away.

Jan 30, 2018: The city of Schenectady, New York is currently implementing stronger background checks and fingerprinting in their hiring process after a city worker, a city code enforcement officer, lied about a criminal conviction on his application form. The employee faced criminally negligent homicide charges that accuse him of failing to carry out code inspections at the building that started on fire and kill four people.

The only reason they discover his criminal past was because other city workers found him on the sex offender registry.

Can you imagine being the person who hired him? What defense could you possibly use for not vetting him properly?

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