[Open To Avoid Fines] Tax Deadline Approaching

Hey Folks

Straight to the point today: We are now only 9 days away from the 1099 filing deadline with the IRS and you can bet that a government shutdown isn’t going to stop them from laying some hefty fines down for incorrect TINs.

Seriously, it’s crunch time and there is nothing out there to help you relieve some of the stress this time of year bring like FEINSearch or REALSearch.

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  • Access the Largest EIN & SSN Verification Data Source in the USA.

So what are you waiting for? Visits www.feinsearch.com or www.realsearch.com to get started verifying your TIN records today.

Nothing beats finishing a stress task early, right? We can help you do that.

PS. Did I mention we do bulk verifications as well? If your interested give me a call at 800-299-8280 and we can talk about your options.