[Suffering From Rejection] We Can Help

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Finally, the 1099 filing deadline has come and gone. That means you can take a breather, right?

Not quite. Now the rejection letters start coming. If any of your TIN, EIN, or SSN records were wrong on your 1099s, you’ll be getting a rejection letter and a possible fine.

Now, you could have avoided those rejection letters by using our TIN verification services.

But did you know that we offer a wide range of services beyond just our TIN verification? We offer all of the tools and services you would need in your day-to-day tasks.

Services like Business credit reports that will help you get a better understanding of what's going with a customer or vendor.

Or our instant background reports that will give you a complete history of a potential hire in a matter of moments.

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We can help you quickly accomplish all of the important but time consuming tasks you do everyday.