Shockingly Easy TIN Matching…

Hey Folks

Want to know a shockingly easy way to get all your TIN matching done before the 1099 filing deadline on Jan 31?

You could use the IRS e-service - with its constant downtime and incomprehensible error codes - or you could let the talented staff at REALSearch bulk match your entire list of 1099 vendors and contractors quickly and easily.

Hand it off to us, and we’ll take care of that massive amount of stress off your shoulders.

So you can either spend the time and money to validate all of your TIN records by hand, dealing with the errors and the stress and the frustration all on your own, or take advantage of our bulk matching services and remove the stress of TIN matching from your life completely.

Imagine what you could be doing instead of wasting hours looking up TIN, EIN, and SSN records by yourself? Imagine a tax season without any extra hours at the hours? Almost unbelievable, right?

Give me a call at 800-299-8280 and let’s talk about our bulk matching services. I think you’ll be surprised at how accessible (and affordable) they are.