My End Of The Year Tip For Accountants

Hey Folks

Wendy here from FeinSearch and RealSearch with a quick tip for getting you started this tax season. January is here, and you need to be checking and double checking all the Tax IDs in your system before you get hit with those harsh new penalties that IRS has laid out for this year.

In fact, the IRS just released the new numbers on their penalties. As reported on December 11th, they’ve up the fines from $250 per mismatch to $280 per mismatch. Not only that but they increased the total amount of penalties charged from $3,000,000 to $3,218,500!

I know that doesn’t seem too scary - how inaccurate could your accounts be? Well, let’s suppose that you only have 15 mismatches (could be a name, TIN error, or any number of items), that would be a $4,200 fine - just for having information wrong!

Fret not, with you can quickly and easily root out all of those seemingly insignificant errors and relieve any worry that you would get hit with a fine or penalty come filing time.

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