I Worst Dear John I Ever Got

Hey Folks

You know the worst “Dear John” letter I ever got?

It was a rejection letter from the IRS. After I spent months getting ready to file my 1099s and the letter came telling me that I had multiple errors with the TINs I had submitted 1099s for.

I was heartbroken! Now I was going to have to go through the pain of matching all of those TIN, EIN, and SSN numbers up with what the IRS had and file again. It was going to take ages!

Of course, had I known that FEINSearch could help me resolve all of those errors, I could have saved myself the heartache.

So, learn from my mistakes, if you receive a rejection letter from the IRS about your 1099s, don’t forget about www.FEINSearch.com.

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Register today at www.FEINSearch.com and save yourself the heartache of matching all those TIN records yourself.