Happy New Year! Now The Pressure Is On

Happy New Year, Folks

Wendy here again. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and that you enjoyed good food, good friends, and good times!

Because now, sadly, the pressure is on to finish your 1099 filings. You only have until Jan 31! That’s 29 days away! Yikes!

And with the increased fines and penalties that the IRS is enforcing this year, that even more pressure to make sure all of your TIN, EIN and SSN filings are correct.

Luckily for you, Real Search has all the tools you need to get 100% of your tax ids matched with the IRS so you can avoid those nasty fines.

In fact, did you know that last year alone, there were estimated over $17 million in fines given out by the IRS for just 1099 errors? That means that there were over 68,000 errors submitted to the IRS last year.

Relieve some of the pressure and avoid the fines altogether by using the helpful tools we have at RealSearch.com. Just look at everything we offer: click here .

I know I sleep better at night knowing I have the power of the nation largest private TIN database to help me with my accounting work.