Do You Really Know Who You’re Working With

Hey Folks

You already know that background checks are vital for all employees but how often do you run a background check on a vendor or independent contractor?

Allow me to relay a news story I heard recently I think you’ll find shocking. In Texas recently they had 49 incidents of sexual misconduct with children - not from actual teachers but from the independent contractors such as bus drivers, coaches, trainers, and medical staff.

What they found was that many of them had prior convictions!

Think about that for a moment. Someone with a prior conviction for sexual misconduct was hired to work with kids because, as an independent contractor, the process for getting hired was much laxer.

Now stop and think about the people your company hires. Have you done a background check on them? I would almost bet the findings would surprise you.

But don’t worry, with’s instant background checks, you can discover any undisclosed issues easily and for less money and in less time than it takes to get a background check the normal way.

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