[Only 3 Business Days Left] Are You Ready For The Weekend Yet?

Hey Folks

If your week has been anything like mine, I bet your ready for the weekend to come.

But… the dread of what happens next week sure could put a damper on your weekend plans. See, the 1099 filing deadline is next week. Meaning you need to have all your TIN, EIN, and SSN records verified and 1099 forms filed by Jan 31st (that’s next Wednesday!)

So the way I see it is you have two options: one, you can fret and worry and stress all weekend about how you are going to get all of your filing work done or two, you can get yourself a subscription to FEINSearch or REALSearch and let the stress and worry of tax deadlines fade off into the distance.

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If your week really was has hectic as mine, I’m pretty sure I know what you’ll do - go sign up for a subscription to www.FEINSearch.com and www.REALSearch.com.