Are You Making This Mistake With Your KYC Research?

Hey Folks

I am amazed by how many people I talk to who say that Google is their #1 research tool when it comes to KYC.

Can you believe that?

I have nothing against using Google as a search engine, but for KYC? How can you trust that information?

And, if you can’t 100% trust the information you are using for Know Your Customer research, how can you make business decisions based on that information?

Yet, more than a few times, I have had conversations where the people doing KYC just don’t know what else to use.

If that’s you, allow me to introduce you to, a website built from the ground up to help you not only find accurate KYC information but to find it quickly, making your job that much easier.

We have over 40 different tools and databases you can search (including our most popular Instant Background Check) to find out everything you need to know to assess the risk of a new customer or to even update old information you have in your files on current customers.

Seriously, if you’ve been struggling to find accurate, reliable KYC information, you should check us out at

No more frustrating Google searches for you my friend.