2 Weeks Until The Fines Are Released!

Hey Folks

We are now only 2 weeks away from the final deadline for your 1099 filings. Are you ready?

I know that, right now, there is an insane amount of stress happening in your life. Not only are you trying to get all the books in line and get tax info out to all the vendors and employees, but you’re trying to hit the new deadline for all your 1099 filings - not only that but actually get all the information correct on them!

Imagine for a moment that you didn’t have that last stress. Can you picture it? All your other accounting friends are pulling out their hair while you’re kicking up your feet and relaxing as the days go by.

How do you make that a reality? By using the incredibly useful and insanely handy tools at www.feinsearch.com and www.realsearch.com.

Using the TIN Match tools on either of our sites you can relieve so much stress and remove so much pressure from your life that you won’t believe how you feel after you use them. Need to get all your vendor’s TIN, EIN, or SSN verifications done in an afternoon and be confident that they match the IRS records.

How can we say that? We have real-time, live access to the IRS database. So any information you get from our sites will match 100% what you find on the IRS.

So check us out on www.feinsearch.com and www.realsearch.com and relax - we’ve got you covered.